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Hi There,

For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is Care Monique (K-Air Mo-Nique), and I am the founder of what is now Faye Nicole. I am so grateful you stopped by to learn a little truth behind the recent change you see buzzing around my store. It was no secret just hours ago we were True 2 Size Shoes, a footwear store for ALL women wanting to look stylish. Although this is still a part of the vision of Faye Nicole, it would be a lie, if I told you it would all look the same. 

Let's do a little backing up, and I will bring you up to speed. True 2 Size Shoes opened its online doors on September 15th, 2018, and it was amazing. We did an in-person launch, we sold a ton of shoes and accessories, and we had a lot of fun. After we launched, the same excitement for our company was no longer there. 

I tried some of everything, selling shoes that were never a part of the vision, offering discounts that the store could not afford, making adjustments, and catering to needs that were often unreasonable by customers. After being in business for about six months, I was ready to quit. It was challenging and overwhelming, putting in countless hours for little to no return. 

Instead of quitting, I decided to buckle down and pay more attention to my frequent and returning customers. I watched when they shopped, what they liked and did not like, how often they were looking to make purchases, and what types of rewards really impressed them. This prompted what has now become a nine-month rebranding process! 

As of January 1st, 2019, True 2 Size Shoes, your bargain all over the place footwear store is no more. I want to introduce you to Faye Nicole, your online destination for unique and quality footwear and accessories for women with purpose. Faye Nicole is a luxury brand that is ideal for women who have both professional and social lives, enjoy wearing heels to gatherings and events and is very particular about her style. Her appearance is apart of her personality, and she is unique in her own right. She understands that quality comes at a price point, and she enjoys excellent customer service and understands that where she Faye Nicole is more than a brand for her. 

Faye Nicole, a combination of my mother and I's middle names (Brenda Faye & Carolyn Monique Nicole), is the perfect representation of a personality-driven brand. My most valued customers and those that saw the real vision of this store resonate with the name, the new styles, the new website, and the personalized message behind it. Faye Nicole is a name you can be proud to say and a company where you know your investment will provide you with the highest quality products that elevate and compliment your lifestyle. 

Faye Nicole is NOT for everyone. As I spent the last nine months being careful and conscious about all aspects of the rebranding, I understand this, and I pray that you will as well. I look forward to sharing Faye Nicole with you, and I hope that you fall in love with my new brand just as much as I have. 

A few of the unique qualities of Faye Nicole are:

  • 100% unique and quality footwear
  • Sizing from US 5-13
  • Secret Shoe Society (Once you spend $300 you are automatically in the club)
  • Seasonal and Transitional footwear for heel wearers 
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Lowest Shipping prices in the industry

Take some time to look around, let me know what you think of the new brand, and do a little shopping. 


Care Monique 

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