Meet our Founder - Care Monique

True 2 Size Shoes | Women's Shoes, heels, boots, sandals, flats

Care Monique is a lover of all things fashion. Care has always been into trendy fashion and has an unwavering love for footwear. In 2010, Care gained 90 pounds from stress and depression. Due to this tremendous weight gain (Care has proudly lost 50 of those pounds) she saw an increase in her foot's size and width. Ashamed every time she walked into a store and the clerk told her "We don't carry size 11," Care decided to tell her story.

Care began to share with other womxn about her pain when finding attractive shoes. She learned of the stories of so many womxn whose feet grew from weight gain, pregnancy, and some even injury. This sparked a fire in Care. She began to research the companies and manufacturers who made shoes above a size 10, and not to her surprise they were far and few between.

Care decided it was time to make a change. She believes that "We too deserve to have attractive and exclusive footwear. Being forced into men's shoes, shoes that are too small or are downright unattractive is unacceptable." Care started True 2 Size Shoes in September of 2018 with a few dollars, a lot of support, and a passion for footwear for all womxn.

True 2 Size Shoes is the place where womxn of all shoe sizes (and eventually widths) can come to find exactly what they are looking for. Care is working tirelessly to challenge manufacturers and build a sustainable brand that never disappoints womxn who desire fashionable footwear. 

Although True 2 Size Shoes is in the beginning stages, Care plans to get to a place of offering, half sizes, narrow, standard, and wide widths and all styles in sizes 5-13 for womxn. 

You can reach Care at